Ralph Waldo Emerson

The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Well stomp on frogs and shove a crowbar up my nose!

Alright kids, get scrubbed up and put on your Sunday best, I'm headed into town! Doesn't get more exciting than a town trip for those of us living in what is essentially a well-appointed truck stop. This little venture has required a week of planning, and all just so I can get to a place that has a branch of my bank. Since there's only one commuter type bus coming in and out of Tekapo each day, I'm spending the night in Geraldine, whose star attraction is "the world's largest jumper at 'The Giant Jersey'". Count me in.

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Carol said...

Well I hope you staid long enough to see the giant jersey. I was so intrigued by the opportunity that I looked it up online and by golly there it was. Yes sirree Bob, that is one big jersey. I guess they haven't washed it yet. Would want to make sure the May Tag repair guy was available that day for sure. Now they just need a pair of pants to match.