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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Gatherer

Despite my urban surroundings, I have been learning very primal lessons as I embark on a life of financial independence.

Always before my grocery allowance held quite a comfortable sum, making for a diet of brilliant organic veggies, fruit and staples that I could purchase without a moments' hesitation. But now, out on my own, I suddenly had the overwhelming realization that I'm poor as dirt and have no income to speak of--oh except for the 30 bucks I got for cleaning the hostel yesterday, my what 15 girls can do to a restroom. The rest of my funds have been making a hasty exit out of my bank account to lord knows where.

So rather than pilfer away my money on food that I "want" to eat, I have instead emerged as an avid hunter/gatherer. The office fridge has become my prime hunting grounds, full of leftovers from various functions from this last week. At first the game was plentiful, sandwiches and apples plus the odd juice box. Now, however, the reserves are dwindling, leaving me with Ritz crackers (onion flavor), week and half old hummus, a cookie assortment and 2 year old jelly beans. Though I sometimes give in and buy a random soup or alcoholic beverage, I make up for those splurges by swallowing down yet another breakfast of cookies dipped in tea and patting myself on the back for not spending on such extravagences as nutritious food.

Despite my creativity, I know these gathering grounds will not hold me much longer--nor the waist of my pants. Luckily I will be migrating on Wednesday and hopefully will find a bounty of leftover salads and fruits at Pepe's Pizza, the site of my waitressing gig for the next few months. That is if I don't have a heart attack first.


Carol said...

Eeuwwwwww. Don't eat the hairy stuff, it's yucky.

Neans said...

I'm with you girlfriend. There was free food all weekend and I know it gets sparce during the week, so I had to pack it all in like a bear going into hybernation. And, in regards to moms comment, I think you should give everything a try. No discrimination!

Carol said...

Well you know the dog thinks along the same lines. Seems she thinks I may never feed her again so goes scavenging thru the leftover construction worker lunches and delights in sun warmed and toasted leavings. Days old improves the flavor in her opinion. Same with road kill lizards or weeks old rabbit. I see I spent the last 25 years trying entirely to hard.

Wells said...


Carol said...


Kari said...

ok, it's coming! lo siento and stuff!