Ralph Waldo Emerson

The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And now for something completely different.

I've either made a really good decision or a rather hasty one.

So I've come to find a nice rhythm to my life in Auckland. Despite working hours on end in the office, I cut out each night around 7 or 8 and meet up with Carly Ann and do a bit of wandering. Our m.o. has been to find restuarants where we cannot read the menu and see what happens. There's a thriving Asian population in Auckland, so from Korean food to Japanese to Malyasian, this has proven quite an entertaining experience. So far the point at something on the menu and see what comes out method has proven successful, but then again I hear there a lot of strange things that taste like chicken...so let's just hope that was chicken. Then we set to crisscrossing up and down the city streets, popping in and out of the bars and such. We've met some really awesome people, but of course there are always the jerks, like the guys that were yelling disgusting cat calls at poor Carly Ann as we walked down one street. Luckily I was there to protect her from the onslaught; I threw her behind me and with every ounce of righteous anger I could muster I flipped them the bird and directed her down another street. It was quite haughty and intimidating, I assure you. I know I might not come off as a bad ass in normal circumstance, but when Mama Kari gets angry there is hell is to pay.

So in between working and fighting the objectification of women I have decided on that escape route that I told you I was cooking up in the last post.

I'm moving to the South Island. Yeehaw! Turns out there's a little town on Lake Tekapo that needs a waitress asap. It's a gorgeous place, here' the link if you feel like checking it out http://www.laketekapountouched.co.nz (you'll have to copy paste because I don't know how to make it a link). So I'm heading down on Oct. 3 to Christchurch and then bussing out to the place where I'll be spending the next three months. Though the town's population ebbs and flows with tourists, there area about 250 locals. Yup. 250. That was about the size of my humanities class at Pepperdine. So hopefully they'll like their 251st member, or else my 3 months of frolicking through glacial fields may turn into my own personal hell. We shall see! But despite a bit of wariness, I can hardly wait to hop on a plane and see me some mountains. Good or bad, this experience should be quite entertaining.

Before that happens, I'm going to have a week full of documentaries. From welcoming filmmakers to hosting a q&a session to seeing as many films as I possibly can, I'm quite looking forward to the week ahead. And hopefully it will be fodder for some good blog posts. Carly Ann's leaving for Wellington tonight, so we're spending our Sunday soaking up sunshine and hunting down a tasty brunch. Hope all's well on the homefront!


Nina said...

What's this I hear about a pink power ranger...?

Nina said...

There was something else I needed to tell you about a sheep that you might run into on your adventure, but it is a little racey for public post. I will send it to your personal account.

Mom said...

If Nina tells you something about a sheep it didn't come from me.