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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Urban Immersion

Alright, holiday break’s over and we’re back in business. I certainly hope your 2008 is going splendidly. From what I hear there’s some sort of primary something-or-other going on over there, yeah? Maybe? I dunno, I thought I heard something like that. Ya’ll have fun doing your patriotic duty.

As for me, I am still being a bum. And a very happy bum at that. I actually just found out about an hour ago that I made it into a Wellington Fringe Festival show! Quick note for non-theater nerds: fringe festivals happen at various parts of the year all over the world and are essentially a month long celebration of theater. You see crazy costumed people wandering the streets handing out fliers for the dozens, even hundreds of shows going on. They range from really good and innovative to painfully bad, so when you wander into a show space, you’re kinda rolling the dice.

Aside, er, aside: I’m excited. I came to Wellington with the purpose of auditioning for Fringe shows but was finding this to be quite a bit tougher than expected. Turns out there aren’t just audition notices wallpapering every street corner. Instead I’ve spent the last few weeks rooting around the city, theaters and various Internet sites to no avail. That is until tonight. So I’m at the internet café at about 6:50 this evening printing out some resumes to hand out to some local pubs when I turn around—and there it is. The audition sign:

Auditions! Being held 10 January from 5:30-7:30. Call blah blah blah for audition materials and more information. Address: blah blah
I’d left my phone back at home and I wasn’t exactly packing my headshot and resume with me, but I thought, eh, I got forty minutes, we’ll go see if they need an American chick. So off I went across town, peeled in, read over the script, gave my reading and I have a part! Granted, they were getting a bit desperate for actors (only 5 had showed up for the 2 parts they were casting) and my American accent was the most believable for the role (go figure), but I’m still gonna be excited and I hope you will be with me. It actually is a really cool show: commedia d’ell arte influences and all that. I play Jack and have a really sweet costume. I’ll fill you in on all that in the coming weeks.
And what have I been doing with myself other than that?
Well, besides being fantastically ill Monday (I’ll save you those details, and no, I was not hung over thank you) I have spent the last couple days wandering into town to edit at the gorgeous, happening Wellington library. I’m working on my first officially paid free-lance film gig, hurrah! The week around New Year I got to hang out with a bunch of “skiffies”, crazy sailors who specialize in racing the 12ft skiff class. These are quick and dangerous little boats that capsize as much as …insert your favorite political joke here. Ex: Bill gives Hillary Clinton supportive nods. In fact, why don’t you post it in the comments, I’d love to hear ‘em…Each day the photographer, Garrick, would pick me up at 9 and we’d spend the whole day in the chase boats filming away. Though most of my shots are pretty shaky, I had a blast and am having fun putting together a rockin little dvd for the boys. I’ll put up a promo within the next week. Good times.

From what I’ve heard at home people are having some really good stuff happen, from weddings to jobs to travels, so boring or no pop me an update if you feel like it! Miss you all :)

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